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EZ Records was conceived in 1988, when the Illinois Association of Vocational Agriculture Teachers passed a recommendation that an electronic record book should be developed for Illinois high school agriculture students. In 1999, ITCS Instructional Materials was awarded a grant to begin developing a computer program for record keeping. EZ Records version 1.0 was released in August 2002 followed by version 1.11 for general distribution in September 2002. The current web-based version was developed in 2005.

EZ Records is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. EZ Records is copyrighted by the Board of Trustees, University of Illinois.

EZ Records is a supervised agricultural experience (SAE) record-keeping system designed to keep SAE program records, FFA participation, leadership activities, skills learned, and enterprise efficiencies. The program may be used at school, home, or wherever the user has access to the Internet. The software produces a complete record for each enterprise and creates a combined summary of all enterprises during the end-of-year closing sequence. EZ Records is rich with features, is easy to learn and use, and is a powerful SAE record-keeping system. Also, the program provides valuable computer experience as students work with it. The program enables users to keep an unlimited number of enterprise records.

The features of the software allow auto-calculations for page totals or end-of-year summaries, auto-transfers of totals, inventory maintenance, an unlimited enterprise list, color-coded data-entry pages, and password protection. A teacher version is available that enables teachers to view users' record books, to score pages, and to make comments. The teacher view also creates a grading summary by enterprise and a summary of all record book activity.

Additional instructional support material is available in the form of practice problems, worksheets, keys, scoring rubric, and electronic presentation of record book pages. A record-keeping booklet for classroom use while teaching record keeping is available as a student/classroom resource.

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