Using EZ Records

This application is designed to facilitate management of records by agricultural education students. It provides the basic tools for adding, editing, and deleting of record book entries. All record data is saved on a University of Illinois server managed by ITCS.

To gain access to EZ Records software, a user must establish a user account. This is done by clicking on the FIRST TIME USER ACCOUNT SET-UP on the EZ Records home page and following the on-screen instructions. The user is required to enter the access code that was provided at time of purchase. Set-up is a one-time operation, and the access code is no longer required to access the record book account.

Bookmark the EZ Records login page to make it easy to return to EZ Records.

When creating an account, the user is required to provide ITCS with user contact information and data that will populate the record book cover. The user will be asked to establish a user name and a password. The user name is used to access the account and may not be edited. A recommended user name includes the user's first and middle initial and the last name (for example, jdwilson). User names are limited to 50 characters although long user names are not recommended.

Setting a password is a key component of keeping the data secure-do not share passwords. User passwords may not exceed 50 characters. Extremely long passwords are not recommended. Passwords are used with the user name to access the account. Passwords may be changed from the "edit my info" link on the Record Book Main Page. Click the Save Account Information button to move to the next set-up window.

Completing the "Enter/Update your user account information screen" completes the record book cover data. It is very important for the student user to select a teacher from the list; the teacher selected then has the option to view the user records using the teacher-view software. A teacher is permitted to view records only when the student has selected him or her as the agriculture education teacher.

Problems setting up an account should be reported to ITCS at or (866) 289-5468.

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